How the Chemistry department of Oregon State University is using our laser power meter

The Chemistry department of Oregon State University was one of the twelve winners of our most recent Laser Lab Awards contest. They won a UP19K-15S-H5 laser power detector and a MAESTRO display device valued at more than 3,000 USD.

This laser power measurement kit is shared between the two research groups (Prof Wei Kong and Dr. Chong Fang) located in Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University.

Dr Kong’s research group focuses on spectroscopy studies of biologically important molecules doped inside helium droplets using variety of lasers such as Nd:YAG (Precision II 8000, Continuum) pumped optical parametric oscillator (OPO, Panther, Continuum), Nd:YAG (Spectra Physics, GCR 230) pumped dye laser (Laser Analytical Systems, LD 2051) and newly acquired femtosecond laser (Spectra Physics, Solstice Ace).

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Dr Chong Fang research work is focused on femtosecond laser stimulated Raman spectroscopy and 2D IR (two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy) of biologically important molecules using Ti:Sapphire laser (coherent legend elite femtosecond). Furthermore, Dr Fang also teaches the class of experimental chemistry II, CH 464, in Oregon state university.

Around 50 students enrolled for this lab class each semester and requires sophisticated and precises instruments to measure the laser beam parameters including a laser power meter.

This was a much-needed tool for labs/teaching class like theirs, where they use a variety of lasers for which the wavelength range from 200-800 nm and their intensities are around 1015 W/cm2.

What they said about their new laser power measurement kit

They have been using their laser power measurement kit for a while now and here is what they had to say about it:

"The power meter and display have been working wonderfully throughout the time we have received them. We have used this device to characterize our beam from our nanosecond laser and even our femtosecond laser. It was also a wonderful tool that has allowed us to monitor our lasers over the course of the year so we know when tuning of the lasers were needed. The compatibility with LABVIEW is amazing; as it allows us to monitor the laser power over the course of our experiment."

Looks like our laser power measurement instruments found a great use. Gentec-EO is happy to contribute to such research with its products.

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