New PRONTO-250-FLEX with flexible, traceable calibration options

Québec City, QC, Canada, January 17, 2024Gentec Electro-Optics launches the PRONTO-250-FLEX laser power meter. Improving on the already successful PRONTO-250, the new PRONTO-250-FLEX has flexible calibration options, so the customers only pay for what they use.

The basic model includes a broadband calibration for visible to NIR wavelengths (248 nm to 2.5 µm).

Customers can request additional calibrations for CO2 lasers (10.6 µm) and energy measurement (with ± 5 % accuracy) when they purchase the PRONTO-250-FLEX.

Traceable calibration: Ensure accuracy and reliability

PRONTO-250-FLEX has a NIST-traceable calibration at 1064 nm, and also has a traceable wavelength correction to complete the calibrated spectral range.

Traceable calibration provides the ability to trace the readings of laser output measurements to known international measurement standards determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This ensures that the measurements taken by the instruments are reliable and accurate.

PRONTO series: Unrivaled benefits

PRONTO-250s are among the top-selling measurement instruments at Gentec-EO. There are many factors behind this success, in terms of both features and specifications.

  • Pocket-sized device, therefore portable and appreciated by maintenance and repair technicians
  • Easy to use, no training needed
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Measures as low as 0.5 W to as high as 250 W.
  • Advanced features like data logging and data transfer to PC
  • Hands-free operation: place it on a flat surface or use one of the 2 threaded holes that we have integrated into the casing for safe use with optical stands

Previous PRONTO versions are discontinued

PRONTO-250 and PRONTO-250-PLUS have been replaced by the PRONTO-250-FLEX model. The new model offers calibration options that can correspond to the legacy PRONTO-250 or PRONTO‑250-PLUS.

Available now

PRONTO-250-FLEX is available now for purchase. Contact your local sales representative for any inquiries or visit the product page here.

Gentec Electro-Optics is specialized in laser beam and terahertz source measurement and analysis. With an outstanding 50-year track record of innovation, developing and providing state-of the-art technologies to the laser market, Gentec-EO has become The Expert of the laser beam measurement field. For all sorts of laser applications from the factory to the hospital, laboratory and research center, Gentec-EO offers the broadest range of off-the-shelf and custom solutions, and stands ready to serve you now and in the future.
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