P/N 200439

PC interface for power measurement. Single-channel, USB output.

Key features

Reads all power detectors types

Thermopiles and photo detectors of the PH100 & PH20 series

Multi-channel capabilities

Available with 1 or 4 channels


Connects to your PC with included software

Small size

Only 91 mm (L) x 57 mm (W) x 36 (H)

Serial commands

Serial commands are available on both versions to let you take full control

Real-time statistical functions

Max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS and PTP stability, pulse # and repetition rate

USB, RS-232 or Ethernet

Choose your favourite communications port. The USB version is port-powered. Ethernet available only on 4-channel version.

Detector compatibility

  • Thermopile

    Average Power & Single Shot Energy
  • Photodetector

    Average Power (W, dBm)

Controller and GUI specifications

  • Digital display size

    Computer Screen
  • Data display

    Real Time, Ratio, Line Plot, Histogram, Statistics and 3D Histogram
  • Analog output

    0-2 Volt, Adjustable, Full Scale, ±1 %
  • External trigger

  • Real-time data transfer

    10 Hz
  • Serial commands via


Power meter specifications

  • Power range (thermopile)

    3 µW - 10 kW
  • Power range (photodetector)

    1 nW - 3 W
  • Device accuracy

    ±0.5 % full scale
  • Statistics

    Current value, max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS & PTP stability, time
  • Response time

    1 sec

Energy meter specifications

Physical characteristics

  • Dimensions

    57W x 26H x 91D mm
  • Weight

    0.12 kg

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