Laser tattoo removal machine manufacturers: how laser beam energy measurement helps you

People’s regret regarding their tattoos has created a new tattoo removal business for thousands of people, and laser-based technology has revolutionized such removal procedures. Laser tattoo removal machine manufacturers build their devices with the latest laser technologies in which laser energy measurement is of key importance for end-user satisfaction.

Tattoo removal may require different lasers in one machine

From ancient times to the present day, tattooing has always been popular and has even, as previously mentioned, created a laser tattoo removal business which has been growing at a meteoric rate and has the potential to be bigger than tattooing business itself. In this competitive market, lasers with well-characterized parameters in your devices can contribute greatly to the success of your business.

The efficiency of all cosmetic laser procedures depends on many factors. You may use different laser technologies such as Nd:YAG, Alexandrite or Ruby in your machines depending on the tattoo removal market and your customers’ needs.

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The type of laser technology used determines the central wavelength of the laser, which influences the efficacy of the procedure depending on the tattoo’s color. Therefore, having more than one laser with different wavelengths in one system is a common approach in tattoo removal machine manufacturing.

Additionally, pulsed lasers are required in this procedure, and the duration of the laser pulses is a crucial parameter. The pulses need to be short enough to break the tattoo ink into small particles while also reducing the probability of possible tissue damage.

Since you don’t have any control on the wavelength and pulse duration of the lasers as a laser integrator, laser energy is the only parameter that can be controlled by adjusting the output power and frequency of the laser. Therefore, providing well-controlled laser energy to your customers is important for a laser-based tattoo removal business. 



Well-characterized laser energy is the key for an efficient tattoo removal process

The lasers based on tattoo removal are intense pulsed lasers (IPL) where pulse energies are extremely high and the pulses may be generated in a single shot, with a few per second or in short bursts. Even if you offer the latest technology to your customers, the energy of the system should be in the optimum range for an efficient removal process, and laser energy characterization by using high accuracy energy laser energy meters is crucial to ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Firstly, the actual laser energy at the end of the handset might be much lower than the laser energy before the handset because the lenses in the handset cause losses or because the energy level of the laser may lower over time.

Secondly, software-based adjusted laser energy might be higher than expected due to electronics failure or operator making a mistake. A system with a weak output energy level could cause a faded tattoo while energy levels higher than tissue damage threshold may burn the skin and cause permanent damage.

The actual energy can be taken after the handset for the safe laser operation by manufacturer or it can be considered to implement an energy measurement port to the machine by an integrated sensor to verify its actual power just before the tattoo removal operation.

On the other hand, laser removal machines in your manufacturing line may include multiple lasers with a different wavelength for different tattoo colors which may require energy meters with broad-spectrum range. Thus, it is important to choose a laser energy measurement sensor which covers a broad spectral range.

The great thing is that you don’t have to be worried about adding an energy port to your tattoo removal machine or the high accuracy measurement of giant pulses to improve your customer satisfaction. This is because today there are many options for the laser energy measurement sensors which can measure extremely high-energy pulses even in single shot mode and are well-calibrated within a broad spectral range.

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