New product: Optical attenuators

Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc. has just launched 3 models of laser beam samplers to expand the use of the beam profiling cameras for laser beams with power to up to 500W. Three models are offered: 60W, 150W and 500W.

With its uncoated optics and full metal body, the BA optical attenuator is both rugged and broadband. The beam splitter works in two steps. At the first wedge, a fraction of the input power is picked off, while the residual beam is transmitted, almost undisturbed. At the second wedge, an even smaller fraction of the power is sent to the output, which can be either a beam profiling camera or any other sensitive detector. “This is where we added our magic touch,” stated Robert Provencher, Vice President of R&D, Gentec-EO.

“For the 60W model, the power transmitted by the 2nd wedge is sent to a beam dump. For the higher power models, we replaced the beam dump by some of our power detectors. Their high damage thresholds and modular design made them the obvious choice, with the added bonus of providing a fully-functional power detector!”

  • Up to 500W
  • Broadband
  • Large 16 mm Ø Aperture
  • Polarization-insensitive
  • Compatible with our beam profiling cameras
  • 150W and 500W models include a fully calibrated power detector

Availability & Pricing

The new BA optical attenuators are available now. OEM prices are available on request.

For more information, you can download the specifications sheet of this product or check the Product Page.


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