CO2 laser power meters

Power meters for CO2 laser systems

Gentec-EO designs and manufactures laser power meters for all kinds of lasers, including CO2 lasers.

Most of our thermal laser power meters are broadband and can be used at 10,600 nm (10,6 microns). For the best possible measurement precision, ask for the CO2 calibration when ordering. With this calibration, we use a CO2 laser source, so there is no wavelength correction factor. Also, each laser power meter we calibrate is directly traceable to NIST absolute standards because we use GOLD standards as a reference for each calibration. You will obtain the most accurate result possible!

The products shown below can be used for testing the output power of CO2 lasers such as laser engraving systems, CO2 laser cutters and basically any system that includes a CO2 laser tube. Check your system for stability or power decline, or monitor the working life cycle of your tube. Soldering and engraving optics can require maintenance and lower your system’s performance. Work more efficiently and reduce production losses by measuring your CO2 laser system with a laser power meter.

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