High power laser measurement

We have the most complete high-power product line on the market, with solutions ranging for laser power measurements as high as 30,000 W (or more upon request).

Our HP series offers the highest power handling on the market, with custom products that can handle up to 100 kW of continuous power.  

This product line offers very stable readings because the measurement is based on water calorimetry. Water flow rate and temperature are both measured continuously throughout your data acquisition. They are less sensitive to fluctuations in your cooling water than any other high-power water-cooled meter on the market.

Another advantage of our high-power solutions is that the electronics are built in the detector. No need to purchase a separate PC-interface or data-acquisition module: all your measurements can be transferred directly to your PC solely via USB.

Below is a selection of popular high power measurement products. To browse all products click here.

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