Gentec-EO launches the 2023 Laser Lab Awards contest

QUÉBEC CITY, QC, CANADA, May 1st, 2023 – Gentec-EO launches the 2023 Laser Lab Awards contest. Twelve winners will receive one of the five laser output measurement kits of their choice among a selection of top popular products made by Gentec-EO. The contest ends on June 30, 2023.

The Gentec-EO Laser Lab Awards contest is back this year again and is now expanded worldwide. Optics laboratories in universities and colleges anywhere in the world are invited to submit their application for a chance to win a high-end laser output measurement instrument. 

By adding such professional equipment in their laboratories, educational optics organizations ensure their students have access to the same quality measurement instruments that are used today in the industry, helping students enter the workforce with valuable experience and knowledge.

Applicants, who must be in a role where they provide instruction through laboratory demonstrations or experiments at a university or college, should describe how they intend to use the Gentec-EO measurement instrument in their laboratory and elaborate on the physics principles their students will learn with this material.

When entering the contest, applicants choose the prize they are interested in among five laser beam measurement kits from Gentec-EO, each worth between $1,200 and $3,000. The products offered are for laser power and laser energy measurement and involve various measurement technologies. The available products are:

  1. UP19K-30H-H5-INT-D0
  2. QE25LP-H-MB-INT-D0
  4. UP19K-15S-H5-BLU-D0
  5. PRONTO-250

Winners will be selected by the Gentec-EO Laser Lab Awards team based on several criteria such as the intended use of the requested product and the number of students who will use it and their eligibility to enter the contest.

Applicants have until June 30 to submit their application on the Gentec-EO website.

Gentec Electro-Optics is specialized in laser beam and terahertz source measurement and analysis. With an outstanding 50-year track record of innovation, developing and providing state-of the-art technologies to the laser market, Gentec-EO has become The Expert of the laser beam measurement field. For all sorts of laser applications from the factory to the hospital, laboratory and research center, Gentec-EO offers the broadest range of off-the-shelf and custom solutions, and stands ready to serve you now and in the future.
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