Photodiode laser power meters

Photodiode-based laser power meters

Our photodiode-based laser power meters are the ideal instrument to measure low laser power levels in the visible and near-IR range. Measuring as low as a few picowatts in power is achievable thanks to our highly sensitive sensors and fine-tuned electronics.

Laser power photodetectors are faster and less sensitive to temperature than thermal power detectors.

Models of the PH series that are sold with neutral-density filters (containing -OD in the product name) are calibrated both with and without the attenuator, for all wavelengths in the calibrated spectral range.

Below is a selection of our photodiode-based power detectors and compatible display devices. To get started, you should first find a laser power detector that fits your laser specifications. If you need help with that, try using our product finder or get in touch with a sales representative. Then you should select a compatible display device or PC-Interface.

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