High Power Solutions

We have the most complete high power product line on the market, with solutions for powers as high as 25 000 W, more upon request.

Super HP


  • The Highest Power Handling Custom models handle up to 100 000 W of continuous power. Higher powers are available upon request
  • Stable Reading Less sensitive to variations in water cooling temperature than any other high power watercooled meter on the market
  • Infinite Customization Capabilities 1. Choose YOUR size
    2. Choose YOUR maximum power
    3. We will customize one just for you!
  • Compact and Light Weight Lighter and more compact than any other high power detector on the market, thanks to our unique design
  • Available with YAG and CO2 Calibration All HP Models can be calibrated at YAG and CO2 wavelengths with a calibration uncertainty of +/- 5%
  • Direct USB Connection to a PC Each head comes with both a DB-15 connector (for use with a Gentec-EO monitor) and a USB2.0 output for direct connection to a PC. Other connectors available upon request
  • Compatible Monitors
  • STAND NOT INCLUDED Contact us for 50% off stand price when purchasing it with a detector.